Tickets For Troops is UK a charity dedicated to providing free tickets to sports matches, concerts and cultural events to our Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen.


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Combined Services Boxing defeating the Americans at the Royal Albert Hall!

Tickets For Troops is delighted to announce that for the second year running The BRIT Awards 2012 with MasterCard have continued their support of the charity, donating 200 ‘money can’t buy’ tickets for the annual awards ceremony, it was announced today. Go to to now to enter the ballot. See BRIT Awards Official Fan Page for more information on the event.

Patron Christina Schmid, whose husband Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid GC, was killed having diffused over 70 IEDs said: “Tickets For Troops has well and truly touched the heart of the nation as well as making a fundamental difference to the lives of members of the Armed Forces and, equally important, their families. They feel recognised and respected more than ever before and Tickets For Troops has played a vital role in that. This is a fantastic achievement in such a short time.”

We Can All Do Our Part…

When we heard about this great organization and what they do for the members of the armed forces, we knew that we had to help as much as possible. Both of our grandfathers made a career out of their service, and taught us the value of personal sacrifice for good of the nation. In fact, James’ American grandfather dedicated himself to helping organize the USO in the years before he was drafted into convoy duty himself. His grandmother was apparently denied a proper honeymoon in order to get a couple of new clubs and events running for the troops, so you can say that this sort of thing is in our blood! Tickets for Troops expands on the idea of merely supporting our brave volunteers, by providing them and their loved ones access to events, which they would not otherwise be able to attend. At a time when morale is such a critical issue amongst the armed forces and our brave veterans, Tickets for Troops is an organization in need of all of our support.

The Patrons, Supporters, and Donors of this great organization are showing their humanity and love of country by making available tickets and experiences to those who risk their lives to do the same. We thought if we could get both sides to share their experiences and further publicize the work of Tickets for Troops, then everyone regardless of their political and religious beliefs would do everything in their power to in some small way repay the great debt we all owe those risk their lives for our freedom as well as their friends and family who bear a disproportionate burden in this time of war. Britain is home of the ‘Spirit of the Blitz’ where everyone joined together to support the war effort, so why can’t we join together do our small part in recognizing the herculean effors our brave heroes and their loved ones by supporting Tickets for Troops?

-Ed and James


A Family Treat on Valentine’s Day at the Royal Opera House.

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